Testimonials for Instantbond

Bonds Extremely Well

NelaAlens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada           5/5   Excellent

If you have been looking for a glue, especially an "instant" one, then you need to check out this product. I bought it actually because the sales rep was at the store and when I told him what I needed to bond he highly recommended this product. I bought it and tried it and was absolutely blown away with how strong and reliable the bond has been. This will be my "goto" glue for almost all my other projects. I have used this on leather, wood and steel with remarkably good results.
Pros: Easy to Apply, Instant bonded, Good Coverage, Easy to Use, Dries Quickly, working great on wood
Cons: none
Must buy for home owners and professionals!!

Scott Evans, Fergus, Ontario, Canada           5/5   Excellent

Brilliant product, with the activator it sets almost instantly. You can build up layers to fill holes in leather shoes. Not just for glueing well fitting pieces together. Hold in place for a few seconds then build layers around a damaged or broken piece of equipment. Like encasing a repair in epoxy, but in seconds. Extremely useful and versatile.
Definite Buy!!
Pros: Easy to Apply, Great on leather, Easy to Use, Dries Quickly, working on glass
Cons: none
Works great and fast!

Shanxie, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada           5/5   Excellent

I bought this adhesive after trying to glue my window trim together using Gorilla Glue superglue. It wasn't bonding to the MDF. This was one of the first products I found and at first I wasn't sure, since I was thinking the spray on activator would be messy. This was not the case at all! Very easy to apply and bonds within about 3 seconds. Held my trim together as I lined it up around the window before brad nailing. So as others have said, be quick!
Pros: Easy to Apply, Work great on MDF, Good Coverage, Easy to Use, Dries Quickly, working on glass
Cons: none
Works great

Igor, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada           5/5   Excellent

Used it to repair my glass table after one of the legs came off. Tried to use several different products with no luck until this one. Really happy.
Pros: Easy to Apply, Easy Instructions, Good Coverage, Easy to Use, Dries Quickly, working on glass
Cons: none
Everyone NEEDS this

Petriehomeservice, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada           5/5   Excellent

This is the best value for dollar of any product you will buy. I’ve used this product at least 100 different time on so many repairs and builds and I still have 3/4 of a bottle. Super fast super strong it’s amazing
Pros: Easy to Apply, Multi-Purpose, Good Coverage, Easy to Use, Dries Quickly
Cons: none
Great product

Ben Cram, Calegory, AB, Canada           5/5   Excellent

I have been buying CA glue for many years, primarily for wood finishing and this product is as good or better than everything I've used before. The activator works quickly, and the glue dries crystal clear.
Pros: Easy to Apply, Working Great on woods, Good Coverage, Easy to Use, Dries Fast, Clear
Cons: none
Amazing product

Matt, Oromocto, NB, Canada           5/5   Excellent

I have used this on wood, vinyl and plastic. All bonded as expected
Pros: Easy to Apply, Working Great on many materails, Easy to Use, Dries Fast
Cons: none