FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) about Instantbond™:

How to use InstantBond

There are three methods of application:

  • FAST-2-3min:
    Apply INSTANTBOND adhesive on one side on its own as a super adhesive, bring them together and hold tightly or clamp, , Activator (accelerator) is not necessary. Curing time 2- 5 minutes (environment dependent) for an incredibly strong bond for an incredible strong bond.
  • FASTER-Alignment Method:
    Apply INSTANTBOND adhesive on one side to be bonded and align the pieces together until you feel for best position, then spray the activator around the outside of the joints, this will start the acceleration of the curing process from the outside in, give this process a little more time. Curing time 20-30 seconds
  • FASTEST-Most commonly used Fastest method:
    For FASTEST bonding time, apply INSTANTBOND adhesive on one side and spray the accelerator onto the joining side, (Please note you will not be able to align parts once they touch) bring them together and hold FIRMLY for a few seconds. (For an even faster cure apply activator to both sides) bonded 2-3 seconds
  • How long will my delivery take?

    Usually delivered within 2-3 days.
    Our online distribution warehouses are in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN, so if you place your order before noon it will leave by ground from the corresponding warehouse that same day. Please note that since Instantbond has an aerosol component it is unpractical to ship by air next day. FYI, most deliveries arrive within 2 days from ship date.

    Can I get Instantbond shipped next day by Air?

    Since Instantbond has an aerosol component (the Activator) it is unpractical to ship by air next day. FYI, our online distribution warehouses are in Las Vegas NV and Nashville TN,  if you place your order before noon it will leave by ground from the corresponding warehouse that same day with  most deliveries arriving within 2 days from ship date.

    Can you thicken or thin out the adhesive?

    To thicken the adhesive for overhead applications or non-runny applications, simply store the bottle in the refrigerator. It will turn to a gel-like thickness. For a thinner adhesive, place the bottle under warm running water until desired thickness/thinness.
    To normalize the adhesive, store at room temperature.
    *TIP: Storing InstantBond at a colder temperature such as a fridge, will lengthen the shelf life

    Can Instantbond™ be used on Leather or Fabrics

    Yes, I can’t think of a better use for Instantbond then on leather or fabric surfaces, it is the best and strongest adhesive for leather and with the activator element it is indispensable for the instant repair. I have used it where silicone has failed for outdoor rubber and leather shoes. You just have to learn when to use the activator, like if a sole is peeling off, you spray the activator into the crevice of the sole and shoe first(don’t forget once the activator is applied it will remain active indefinitely) then squeeze small beads on the sole and press together and hold flat or whatever shape you want the sole for a few seconds, spray outside of joined area, clean up excess adhesive before it dry’s. If you’re affixing 2 pieces of leather then apply adhesive to one side and spray the other and join together and hold firmly for a few seconds. Don’t forget if time is not a factor or an instant hold is not required you can use the adhesive alone, let cure for 8 to 10 minutes for an industrial strength bond. Please note, this is the type of product that you will learn and apply your own techniques to make your repair or join easier.

    Does Instantbond™ Adhesive take color pigment?

    Yes, the adhesive will take color pigment but since the adhesive is a clear color (color less) it is unnecessary.  Please practice on scrap pieces first.  For best results use the adhesive alone then align the parts perfectly with a seam setter or equivalent then apply the activator for an instant cure.  Give this method a little more time to cure (about 30 seconds) because you have only applied the adhesive to one side.  This allows more time to align parts or else it will make an instant contact and not permit time for alignment of parts.  If time is not an issue the activator is not required but you will have to give the seam approx, 10 minutes to cure on its own.

    Does Instantbond™ work with cracked or broken pieces of granite or stone counter-tops?

    Yes, Instantbond™ will bond granite anywhere, no problem. What I would do is apply the adhesive only to the cracked parts, then align the backsplash to the back of the counter, when you are satisfied with the alignment spray the activator and hold it for at least 20 seconds, that will lock it in place. I use this method because if you apply the adhesive to one side and spray the activator to the other, it will cure too fast for any alignment.

    Do you sell Instantbond™ only online?

    Presently Instantbond™ is only available online and not currently sold at the big retailers. Instantbond™ ships same day and delivered by USPS in 2/3 days continental USA.

    Can Instantbond™ fix cracks in stone or granite?

    Instantbond™ works great to repair  chips and small cracks in granite please  follow the directions correctly as you only have one try at fixing it properly. Best method is to apply the adhesive on one side, align the pieces perfectly, if possible use clamps to tighten  them together, to be sure let cure for 10 minutes,  if time is a factor , use the activator for a faster  cure, give this method extra time for the activator to work itself into the seam, 5 min should be fine.

    Now you can fill in some of the open chips if any, with silica sand mixed with the adhesive, use a blade to fill the mixture in. Scrap of the excess with a sharp blade and buff with steel wool. Silica Sand is usually available at Home Depot or you can just crush up a extra pieces of the granite or stone with a hammer.

    How quickly and easily does Instantbond™ cure?

    Amazing speed and strength with INSTANTBOND. No need to wait for messy products to dry. Instantbond™ instantly bonds wood, stone, plastic, glass, metals, ceramics, etc. Learn More here 

    Can I use Instantbond™ in conjunction with Silicone or other adhesives as a holddown?

    Yes, Instantbond will certainly hold the part in place use a little bit of Instantbond™ (size of a dime) as a hold down on all the corners and spray the accelerator on the opposite side.  Use construction grade all weather Silicone as the major adhesive.  Place part in place and hold  down for several seconds, flattening out the silicone at the same time.  This method will permit you to apply the adhesives without the use of hold down clamps or tape, and walk away because the Instantbond will hold the sign in place while the silicone sets

    What is the shelf Life of Instantbond and how can I increase the shelf life of Instantbond™ ?

    Shelf life is greatly dependent on room temperature and humidity. FYI, the higher the temperature and humidity the shorter the shelf life. At normal 70 degrees shelf life should be approx. 12 to 18 months.  Shelf life can be dramatically lengthened by storing the adhesive in your refrigerator or indefinitely in the freezer.

    What are the main characters of this Instantbond™ adhesive?

    The main characteristic of Instantbond™ adhesive is that it cures instantly on demand eliminating the use of clamping devices or hold down methods.  Our claim is the “no hold” freedom which offers new possibilities in the repair, installation and/or building methods that were not available before.  Its most important attribute is that it is not only a extremely strong and versatile adhesive but cures instantly on demand with the introduction of a new aerosol accelerator agent .  It creates a new experience of instant installations because of the new freedom of ‘no hold’.  This is what really sets apart Instantbond™ from all other adhesive products.

    Can I install an Undermount sink or other items in conjunction with silicone using Instantbond™ to hold in place ?

    We use the Instantbond™ in conjunction with Silicone II to attach the undermount sink to the granite or marble countertop.  Here’s how, place a thick ¼” bead of Silicone II on to the rim of the sink, then apply six dabs of Instantbond™  on the corners of the sink; (about the size of a dime, trying to stay out of contact with the silicone) then spray the accelerator on the other surface. (Please note you only have 3 or 4 seconds to align, so practise first without adhesives until you feel confident) This will supply an instant hold until the silicone to sets. Wedge a previously cut to size  2″x4″ in place to hold.   (As a precautionary measure prepare a couple of pieces of 2″x4″ cut to size to wedge them into the bottom of the sink to hold the sink securely in place). Let stand for approx. 24 hrs  The sink should not be used during this curing period.

    You can apply this same method on many other similar installation procedures where an unattended holddown is necessary when Silicone or PL adhesives etc are used.

    Can I use Instantbond™ without the activator?

    Yes, you can use Instantbond™ without the activator if time is not a factor,  also you can slow down the curing time by not using the activator and depending on the materials used, the curing time without the use of the activator is 6 to 10 minutes.  The activator is used only when you need to cure immediately or hold parts in place instantly.  If time is not a factor than just use the adhesive alone. In most cases I use the activator to cure the adhesion just so not to make a mess and/or get the adhesive on my hands or other parts.

    Can Instantbond be used instead of contact cement?

    Yes, and Instantbond™ will dry faster as well. Whereas contact cement has to apply on surface and wait for 15 minutes to be able to stick something on it and up to few hours to completely dry, Instantbond will only take 2 minutes to initially bond and will be completely dry in 8 minutes. With the Activator the process is much faster, and after 5 seconds the bond will be completely dry. In either case, Instantbond dries much faster and much stronger than contact cement.

    Does Instantbond™ have the ability to bond metal with wood or other dissimilar materials

    Yes, Instantbond™does a great job bonding metal and wood, or other dissimilar materials, just apply the adhesive on one side and spray activator on the other, hold the parts together in place for a few seconds and you’re done. If you need more time to align the pieces, put the adhesive on one piece and put the pieces together, feel free to align then liberally spray the activator on the seam while holding tightly, allow this method more time for the activator to penetrate the seam (30-60 seconds depending on the material) before apply any exertions or use.

    Can I make a plug for a screw or anchor with Instantbond™ to fasten brackets or other items to masonry or solid walls

    Yes, no Problem please follow Instantbond™ video instructions, Drill desired hole into masonry, important, spray activator into drilled hole first, then squeeze adhesive into drilled hole making  sure that you get the adhesive into the masonry,(Tip: use small 1/8” tube over adhesive bottle nipple to insert into the masonry hole and squeeze adhesive into drilled hole, make sure you spray activator first into the hole, so that the adhesive will cure quickly and not run out, also spray activator on outside of hole to seal the adhesive) Then affix your screw or fastening item into the Instantbond™ plug Please note as per your requirements, the longer the adhesive is allow to cure in the drilled hole the harder it will be to  insert the screw and/or bolt, (good idea to test curing time on a practice hole)

    Will Instantbond™ bond MDF to Glass or other dissimilar materials?

    Yes, Instantbond™ will bond MDF to glass.  We have many commercial customers who use it for that purpose, and yes the accelerator will wipe off easily but it flash dries so fast that you will not have time to wipe similar to the overspray when filling a lighter with butane.

    Can Instantbond™ fix a spun screw in wood or masonry?

    Yes, it can, (probably one of the best uses of Instantbond™) please see how to video Remove spun screw, spray activator in spun hole, squeeze small amount of adhesive into spun screw hole, spray activator to seal hole, now you can rethread screw into hole (please note that the longer you let the adhesive cure the harder it will be to screw into hole)

    Can Instantbond™ lock a screw in wood or masonry permanently?

    Yes, Instantbond™ can also be used as a Locktite for wood or other screws where you want a more permanent hold it won’t loosen easily. Just dip or place small bead of Instantbond™ adhesive onto screw use with or without activator as per your requirement and drive into place. please see how to video

    How to become a reseller of Instantbond™ ?

    Please email us your detailed info for consideration   sales@instantbond.com – A company representative will contact you to discuss a reseller account

    Should I be worried about Instantbond Toxicity?

    The United States National Toxicology Program and the United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive have concluded that the use of ethyl cyanoacrylate (Instantbond)is safe and that additional study is unnecessary. The compound 2-octyl cyanoacrylate degrades much more slowly due to its longer organic backbone and the adhesive does not reach the threshold of tissue toxicity. To further minimize any risks please use Instantbond in well ventilated area.

    Can I use Instantbond to make a plastic screw anchor in concrete or wood?

    Yes, this is one of Instantbond’s best kept secrets. Instantbond does a great job as an incredibly strong liquid anchor. Personally I had an awning support ripped out of the brick by wind, it was ¾” x 3” long. I needed to fix it fast so of course I sprayed the activator first into the hole (so the adhesive would cure instantly) push the lugnut back in, sprayed more activator on any excess adhesive, gave it a minute to cure and then tightened up the ¾ bolt with a ratchet till it was tight, it was repaired in a couple of minutes. And yes you can loosen a screw that has been made with Instantbond. Think of it as a liquid anchor, it also works great on spun screws in wood or stone, just spray the activator into the hole apply a bit of adhesive onto screw and screw it back in. Can’t think of anything better or faster, the alternative is replace the screw with a bigger size if the application permits.

    Are there alternative methods of using the Activator?

    Yes, when you want to be more precise or prevent aerosol activator overspray, please spray activator into the cover cup, liquid will quickly accumulate in the bottom of cup, then use a clean cloth and dip into the liquid and wipe it on the area that needs to be glued and/or activated. This method provides for a more precise and accurate placement of the Activator and prevents overspray of the activator on any unwanted area of concern.



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