Cyanoacrylate glue, more popularly known as super glue, or “CA” glue, is the most often used adhesive in a wood turners studios. It helps to have super glue as an adhesive among other adhesives for any woodturning workshop. It’s quite a multipurpose adhesive to have. Here are some tips for using and storing cyanoacrylate glue, enabling you to get most out of it.

The shelf life of cyanoacrylate glues is generally limited to 6 – 12 months after the container has been opened. Bottles that have not been opened can be stored in freezer to extend the life of this glue. But if the bottle is opened once and exposed to atmospheric moisture, it needs different storage measures to prevent premature curing of the contents of the bottle. Unopened Containers: Sealed bottles should be stored in freezer to get longest shelf life. It’s important the bottle comes down to room temperature before being used; leaving them out from the freezers for about 24 hors does the trick.

Opened Containers: opened bottles should be stored with their caps on unless these are being used in an area that has very low levels of humidity all around the year. Prolonged exposure to humidity could lead to premature curing of the cyanoacrylate adhesive in the bottle.

Those buying big containers of cyanoacrylates glue for subsequent transfer to smaller containers should ensure to use only polyethylene bottles for storage.

Open containers of cyanoacrylate glue adhesive should be kept away from bottles of manual pump accelerator. During summers, high temperature can cause vapors of accelerator to escape the pump spray unit, and cause premature curing of uncapped bottles kept close by.

Open bottles should not be stored in the freezer, because on being removed from there, condensation could develop inside the bottle resulting to premature curing of the adhesive.

To get the best results of long storage, the opened bottles should be stored in a jar with a tight fitting lid and a desiccant pack that goes to absorb any moisture present therein. If stored in such a manner you can almost use the last drop of adhesive without wasting any material.


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