Instantbond by Granitec Inc introduces a fast and super strong “NO WAIT” adhesive break through!
Summary: Instantbond is a new brand of adhesive glue produced by Granitec. It is one of the fastest and strongest bonding substances for industrial as well as personal use.

United States of America, September 26, 2014 – Breakage of hardware of regular use is a common occurrence in daily life of everyone. Things break easily but repairing them is not as easy a task. The most common substance that is used for repair and bonding of broken items is instant adhesive. A new brand of glue that makes repairing broken things considerably easy is Instantbond™, which is a new brand of glue developed by Granitec. It is incredibly strong and cures instantly quickly, which are the prime attribute of an instant “No Wait” repair that people expect in glue for instant repair. There are many brands of glue and marketers of all of them promise strong bond and lasting bond, but Instantbond has been awarded for its extraordinary “No effect” effect. You just have to experience it.

The saying “this changes everything” is so true with Instantbond about adhesion it is truly revolutionary! You can repair an item and be back working or performing within seconds at full strength! There is nothing on the market like this! It is considered the Superman of Glues!

The life in the present age is very fast, and many people do everything according to their routine. Thus, there is little time left for repair, refurbishment and similar tasks. Various brands of glue that are found in the market have addressed this crisis by providing easy and quick means of bonding broken items. Though most of the instant repair glue brands are effective, their bond is usually temporary. The bond usually gives way after certain period. Instantbond™ has been created to address this issue, and provide users instant fixing at last. It is extraordinary in terms of both strength and bondage.
The bonding strength of Instantbond is 5,000 psi, which is virtually impossible to break under normal circumstances. The activator spray, , reduces the time required for curing to only a few seconds. There is hardly any such no wait super adhesive that provides as strong bond and as quickly as provided by Instantbond.

Instantbond is a versatile instant adhesive that can bond various materials such as aluminium, leather, ceramics, vinyl, polyurethane, steel, glass, stone, plastic and wood. In other words, it can fix almost all the materials that people interact with in their daily lives. Thus, one brand of glue is equally useful for different professionals such as cobblers, masons, carpenters and plumbers. There are many speciality glue brands in the market but there is hardly one that is versatile, that too, as much as Instantbond is.

The effectiveness of Instantbond on the Market as an innovative instant repair was evident at the National Retailer Hardware show in Las Vegas where it won the prestigious Best New Product Award.

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About Instantbond

Instantbond is a new brand of glue produced by Granitec. It is an instant “No Wait” adhesive with bonding strength of 5,000 psi and curing time of only a few seconds when the accelerator is applied. It is a versatile glue that is equally effective on a wide variety of materials. “Instantbond launches the No Wait adhesion break through”.