This is the one question we get very often from Instantbond ™ customers

How  To  Remove  Super  Glue  From  Hands ??


Super glue is one of the strongest bonds in the world and can stick itself to virtually any type of surface it comes in contact with.  If getting it onto your skin, it can ravish the skin as it dries and become somewhat problematic.

It is important to protect yourself from any potential issues with super glue by purchasing a solvent.  When purchasing a solvent make sure you thoroughly read all the instructions so that you can maintain proper use of the product.

When removing super glue from your skin, you must make sure you wash the skin immediately right after the super glue gets in contact with your skin.

Should you not be able to purchase a solvent you can find household items such as nail polish remover which should do the trick.  You may have to let it sit for roughly 30 minutes should you try to remove super glue from granite counter tops and furniture.

Lighter fluid may also be applicable, but be wary of keeping it away from any source of heat.

Some emergency hotlines suggest removing super glue with vegetable oil for skin-to-skin bonding of fingers. Those using this technique report mixed success.

It is strongly recommended that you wear latex gloves to avoid getting any glue or other adhesives onto your skin.  We also suggest that you put a newspaper underneath what you plan to glue.

We hope we answered your question of how to remove super glue from your hands or other objects but it’s always good to learn the technique of using Instantbond™ superglue as this will be the best thing you’ll do now.



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