Applying Instanbond: Granite and Marble Adhesive

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“No Hold”, “No Nails or Clamps” Freedom

Instantbond cures instantly on demand eliminating the use of clamping devices or hold down methods

This new to the market product offers a “no hold” freedom that will provide new possibilities in the repair, installation and/or building methods that were not available before.

It’s not only a super strong and versatile like other quality adhesives but the fact that Instantbond uses a new aerosol accelerator agent that cures on demand. This is the real innovative difference of this product.

“Look Ma no hands”

“The point of this product is, that it’s not the strength or versatility but the activator when applied cures the adhesive instantly from 8 minutes to 3 seconds, that’s what makes this product different and incredibly useful”

“It is what wireless has meant to power tools or devices its not the fact that there strong and versatile but have provided a new ease and freedom of working).

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How to find the best Instant Adhesive

The vast array of glues on the shelf at any craft store can leave even the most experienced crafter scratching their head.  How to find the best instant adhesive for your project is as important choosing the components you are making it with.  After all it’s the glue that holds it all together!  So leave the glue caps on for now, take a deep breath and keep reading as we guide through what glues to keep on your shelf.

1) Jewelers Cement, is a waterproof , medium duty, clear adhesive that dries in about 10 minutes.  It’s great for most non-porous jewelry applications but also works perfectly for securing knots on silk, ribbon, nylon and leather.  We like G-S Hypo Cement for the precision tip applicator, making it a breeze to get into tight spaces like gluing half drilled pearls onto earring pegs.

2) Instant-Fix Adhesives (Cyanoacrylate), are thin, clear, almost instant drying glues. We like Zap-A-Gap for the gap filling properties, when the edges don’t quite match up. Great for all non-porous surfaces, it works well when gluing different non-porous materials together, such as gluing a bail to a cabochon or memory wire end to memory wire.  Don’t use it for silk, ribbon, nylon, leather and the like as it will make them brittle when dry.

3) All Purpose Contact Adhesives are flexible glues that are good for porous and non-porous surfaces.  These work best when you apply the glue to both pieces and then stick them together.  Our favorite in this category is E6000. It’s thick consistency allows precision placement with a toothpick and it dries clear and flexible making it great for gluing embellishments to jewelry blanks.  Setting time is about 1 hour and full curing is about 24 hours.

Please check out Instantbond for all of your needs in how to find the best instant adhesive.


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